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07VII – MA

A blend of soul, electro and native american roots music. 

A lot of hippie approach mixed with hip hop attitude.
MA is a journey of five songful n’ soulful cats. 
Their lives, rich in stage experience, met at one point to generate and amplify all the rhythms of the universe. Synthesizing old analog sounds with the benefits of modern technology, they produce the noise, that will put a smile back on your face.

Band members: 
Martyna- flute, percussion, voc.
Matys- bass, voc.
Aleksander- guitar, voc.
Dominik- drums, voc.
Kuba- keyboards, guitar, electronic

Our band itself is pretty fresh but it consists of experienced musicians who have performed 
in defferent formations on smaller and bigger stages.

To name a few: 

– Plötzlich am Meer 2015 and 2016
– XV and XIX Woodstock Festival 09′ 13′  (main stage- an audience of 450,000) 
– Fringe 11’- UK 
– Montreux Jazz Festival 10’- Switzerland
– Lviv Jazz Festival 11’ – Ukarina 
– Opole Festival 07’ (5,000,000 viewers) 
– The Tall Ship Races 07′- (an audience of 200,000) 

– Buskers Festival – Neuchâtel 

– La Strada – Festival in Gratz  – Austria
– Bergmannstrassenfest Berlin Jazzt (2014)
– Euro Musica Festival in Greece 
– Jazz Festival in Nürnberg