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Fetter is the solo industrial synthpop project od Amsterdam-based, USA-born artist Jessica Tucker.
With foggy, stumbling synthetic rhytms and tenderly woven vocal tapestries, she produces layer by layer a haunting, arresting noise-pop.
Her warm voice guiding you through a saturated wilderness, Fetter’s sound bridges the lo-fi surrealness of experimental electronics with the drama and magnetic of pop. Combined with her colorful self-made visuals, Fetter’s live sets are totally bewitching and hypnotic.

Incorporting noisy yet unavoidably danceable textures, Fetter’s latest work reclaims bliss in catastrophe and invites us to find refuge in absurdity through stories of disappearing aircraft, selfie-deaths, fertile wastelands, imperfect idols, and curiously persistent instincts.

Fetter has been active in the Dutch underground sce since 2013, when she self-released her spaced-out collection “The Ego Album”. Since then she’s been performing extensively in art galleries, pop podiums, and experimental DIY venues throughout the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and beyond. Fetter has supported acts such as Eartheater, Julia Holter, and Braids, and has been featured at Rewire Festival in The Hague, Amsterdam’s Red Light Radio, and more.

As an artist-in-residence at Berlin’s Institut fur alles Mogliche last year, Fetter conjured up songs and visuals for a new album in October 2016, she released a cassette on Amsterdam’s Meduse MagiQ with the two singles “Hunter” and “Stickie Self” – a teaser for the full-lenght album to come in 2017. Following the release, Fetter embarked on a tour through the Netherlands and Germany, accompanied along the way by Princess Century, Chikiss, and Ziemba, among others.

Fetter will be starting the summer 2017 with residency/exhibition in Molmo at Frank Gallery, followed up by tour through Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. In September 2017 she will her first official tour through the USA.